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The beauties of Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora is one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic, which is unique for its architectural beauty which is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Kutna Hora you will find many cultural monuments and tourist attractions, but there are also held some interesting cultural events such as theater performances, tours, exhibitions or festivals. On the city website you can find a program of cultural events in and around Kutna Hora, but also information about the most important historical monuments, museums and galleries.

Kačina palace

The chateau Kačina belongs among the most important buildings of Empire architecture in Bohemia. Castle exposure offers you the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the genus Chotek, you can admire the architectural beauty, but also learn more about the history of food and transformations of the Czech and Moravian countryside.

There is also the NAM (National agriculture museum) | Lean more ...

Castle Žleby

Originally a Gothic castle of the Lords of Lichtenburg from 1289, rebuilt after being signifficantly damaged by the Hussites before the mid-15th century, has undergone a renaissance and baroque arrangements into today's romantic style..

In its romantic interiors there is a mix of original historical sites with original features and antiques imported from all over Europe. Leather wallpapers, stained-glass collection, wall paneling, plush furniture and fixtures respecting historical documents preserved to the present day castle as a "useful collection of antiques" with a unique atmosphere | Learn more ...

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